Dynamic neurofeedback is for everyone; no age or physical condition restrictions.

How does it work?

Using 5 sensors placed on the head, (2 on the skull, 1 on the upper part of each ear, and one on the lobe of the right ear), the system analyzes brain activity while you are listening to music or watching a movie.

It is a non-medical, therefore non-invasive method, and hence not dangerous in the sense that the sensors are only used to take information that will be transmitted to the computer, which will analyze it according to you, and not according to a precise scheme.

As it is a customized analysis, the computer can then detect unintentional overflows and at that moment activate a micro-switch in the order of one millisecond, undetectable to the ear, but which will be valuable information for your brain.

In which way can a sound cut help?

Imagine that you are in the evening, that there is music and that everyone is dancing. Suddenly the music stops, everyone stops dancing and a second later the music starts again. It’s something that can happen and all the guests dance again without asking questions. One minute later the music stops again and starts again immediately, and this on a regular basis. All the guests will then turn to where the music comes from and ask questions and see how they can fix this problem.

The same goes for your brain, your neurons are the guests of the evening, and will solve by themselves the involuntary overflows that cause these micro cuts. As a result of training, your brain will be able to regulate these unintentional spills on its own.

After how many sessions do we feel the first results?

Dynamic neurofeedback can be associated with the sport of the mind, so just as no one can predict when the abdominal muscles will be formed by going to the gym regularly, we can’t know when the effects will be felt precisely.

Why can't the number of sessions be predefined for an objective?

Every human being is a unique person with a brain that functions in a unique way.

It is important to know that the brain has priorities that may not be yours. That is, this practice can start to improve an insect phobia, while you have come for sleep disorders.

What you need to know is that you alone are in control of yourself and your brain, so it is up to you to decide if you feel better and want to stop: so we can’t tell you how many sessions you need.

Can you guarantee that my objective will be achieved?

With the neuroptimal® method, it is not possible to target a particular objective. We can guarantee you a feeling of general well-being and a real improvement in your way of life and your abilities.

How many sessions can we do per week?

Although we generally recommend one or two sessions per week, there is no limit on the number of sessions.

Must you be a doctor to practice this method?

As the method is fully automated and above all NOT medical, a formal practitioner training is more than enough, if you want more information about the training you can contact us.

Is it possible that the method does not work?

NO, there will inevitably be improvements, but sometimes certain elements block the progress, such as a harmful environment, a bad lifestyle, an overflow of screens…

Why choose dynamic neurofeedback?

Already, you don’t need to talk… obviously if you want to, we will listen to you and with pleasure but we don’t try to find out the psychological origin of your pain, we won’t go back to memories that are too painful for you. We will not look for the origin of your pain, because sometimes we do not perceive it ourselves…

Then neurofeedback offers you a moment to yourself……

Just imagine, you rest, you finally have time for yourself, you are well settled, in a comfortable environment, you watch a movie, listen to music, YOUR choice, and your brain does its job.

Who doesn’t dream, in our current society, of having time for oneself, of doing good for oneself, and of significantly improving one’s well-being? At the same time, the brain takes control, it takes control of itself, without being blocked by external elements.

Finally the promise… we do not promise you any immediate effect, we know that we are not doctors, although many of them recognize this science as a real help to the person. You come without a specific promise, so you are unlikely to be disappointed, on the contrary, you will only have pleasant surprises.

We do not hide and will strongly recommend that you never stop treatment without medical advice, but often the doctors themselves will realize the progress made…

Can dynamic neurofeedback replace my medical treatment?

The method being applied by practitioners and not doctors we have no right to advise you on drugs, however, often doctors will advise you on their own, to reduce your treatments as you go along. We can also provide documents explaining that the method can influence certain points and advise them to check the dosages regularly.