About Neurofeedback


The Neuroptimal® method is a scientific, NON-medical, non-invasive with no side effects, based on the brain’s ability to regulate itself.

It is open to everyone, from birth to death, regardless of physical or mental condition, with no limits or restrictions.

To understand the method, it is first necessary to understand the principle of the balance of organisms, homeostasis.

Homeostasis is the ability of a system to keep its inner environment in balance. All body mechanisms enter into homeostasis, so that the body at a more or less constant temperature or the heart rate is more or less the same in all individuals.

The principle is the following: we have an ideal data with a possibility of variation, our body regularly checks that we are within this norm, if we leave it, it sends us a signal so that we can help it to recover, then it starts making changes to return to the desired value.

Dynamic neurofeedback works on the same principle.

You watch a movie, listen to music, in short, you relax. Meanwhile sensors on your head calculate the electrical activity of your brain 256 times per second. Each time your brain activity deviates from the standard pre-established during the previous measurement, the system triggers a micro-switch on what we are listening to, this corresponds to the “signal” that warns the brain of its loss of control, it will then itself seek to return to its own standard. It received its feedback, it learned to regulate itself better.


Comfortably seated in an armchair, you are connected, through sensors on your head, to a device that calculates your brain activity. Meanwhile, you listen to music or watch a movie, and relax… Your subconscious collects information from itself that can help it, your only job is to be yourself.